The Change from Netflix to Lullabies and How to Deal with It

The Change from Netflix to Lullabies and How to Deal with It

To all the mothers out there, a big shout out to you for coming to this wonderful stage of motherhood. Whoever said being a mother is easy, clearly did not have a child! I know, how, in just a fraction of time your life changes!

From Netflix to lullabies, from OOTD to diapers, from lipsticks to dark circles, the change is not the most pleasant one, however, with time, it definitely turns into the most beautiful one. So how do you deal with all the twists and turns and the sudden appearance of a new human in your life?

Well, the answer is to be calm, patient and handle each and every situation with a smile. Your little one is new to this world and you are new to motherhood, so mistakes will happen, but with time you both will settle down, you both will know each other and you both will develop the most precious bond with each other. I have been through the continuous nights of feeding, those colic attacks, the loose motion stage, teething stage and what not! All these things are a part and parcel of motherhood, but now when I look back, everything was worth it – for that one smile that my baby gives that melts my heart or that one “mammmaa” she says which brings the broadest smile on my face. Yes, today I can’t go to a club for partying, I can’t binge-watch my favourite web series, I can’t go to work leaving my child behind, but what I can do is party with her dancing to her favourite music, watch her favourite cartoon with her, go to the park and play with her and just spend time with her.

My advice to all the new moms – take it easy. I know it’s a tough job, but it’ll be easier if you accept it positively. Enjoy those little, precious moments with your child, watch your child grow, capture all those moments, because this time will never come back.

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