Separation Anxiety Among Children – When Moms Rejoin Work after Maternity Leave

Separation Anxiety is when a child gets depressed or upset when separated from parents or loved ones.

Separation anxiety is normal during childhood…It usually starts at about seven months n lasts till around four years of age. During this phase, the child knows the difference between “MY” n rest. The child understands the people around him well and wants to hold on what is safe in the big scary world. The feeling settles down when he/she grows older n becomes more confident.

Babies generally get upset during bedtime also as they feel they will be separated from their parents. When new moms join work after maternity leave, the child’s anxiety increases. They don’t want them to be separated.

But all children have to learn to deal with separation. It’s like a part of learning about life…As a personal experience of being a working mom, the following are the quick insights :
1. Always leave the child with a trustworthy person so that you can also be relaxed n ur child will feel safe n comfortable.
2. Always say bye-bye or make your child understood that it’s for temporary hours and you will be back soon ..This will build trust.
3. Have a lot of little practical separations in playing time like peek-a-boo and hide n seek.
4. Make your child understand the time of your return like lunch time, when you get up after ur afternoon nap etc n be with your promises.
5. Tell them stories regarding separations and let them feel that you care for their feelings
6. Last but not least make sure to give extra time to your child once back to home.

I hope the above article helps new moms who are about to join their offices after maternity leave.

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