A Special Bond Between Mother and Child That is Unconditional and Never-ending

It’s very irritating when our relatives, elders and people around us start giving us lectures on family planning. First they tell you to get married, and as soon as you get married, they tell you should have kids. They will scare you with the worst pregnancy stories. But do as your heart says and do not plan before you are ready because being mentally and physically prepared is the first step. Visit your gynaecologist and take proper consultation once you are prepared.The news that you are pregnant brings smiles to lots of faces, tears of joy in lots of eyes, and most of all, it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world for you. The journey of motherhood begins. Instantly you start caring more for the little one. You start reading good books, listening to good music, eating well, taking more care of yourself, watching baby videos, thinking about your baby all the time.The bond between the mother and baby is the most beautiful bond. The connection happens much before the baby comes into the world. Each day and every moment of pregnancy is auspicious.  The eagerness and joy of seeing your baby in every ultrasound,  listening to his heartbeat,  watching him move in your tummy is inexplicable. You start counting days and watch your baby grow slowly inside you. Feeling your baby move, punching and kicking all the way round brings a sweet smile to your face. By the time your tummy grows into a huge football,  you and your baby would have formed a strong bond and started living in a different world altogether.Another phase begins when you actually hold your baby in your arms for the first time, see him in real, feel him. It’s a sigh of relief and there’s a feeling of satisfaction that both of you have made it. It’s amazing to see your little munchkin’s tiny palms and feet,  to see him cry and smile. The connection continues to grow deeper day by day and your baby surprises you with new forms of happiness.  Your baby’s first cry,  first laugh, first bath – you start capturing all the memories into pictures. It’s a beautiful new beginning and you and your baby still have a long way to go. You have to be his cook, teacher, philosopher, guide and best friend. The love between you and your little one will keep prospering and spreading smiles.  It’s a special bond with immense love that’s unconditional, unstoppable and never-ending.

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