First Trimester of Pregnancy

First Trimester of Pregnancy

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling and so is being pregnant for the first time. When I found out that I was pregnant, the first thing that came to my mind was that suddenly my responsibility had increased. Earlier, I was a happy-go-lucky girl but now I had a responsibility.

As days passed, morning sickness, fever, and weakness hit my day to day life. I realised that being a mother is not easy. There was another life growing inside me and it was my responsibility to take good care of both of us. Whatever I ate was directly linked with the body of my baby. During pregnancy, our body secretes hormones due to which make us sick, weak and many many more things.

One drastic change that I noticed in myself was mood swings. I get angry on silly things, got frustrated with people around me, and sometimes I cried. On some days I felt happy that I was going to be a mother. The one person who dealt with my mood swings was my husband. He always used to listen to my silly talks. I used to get angry at him. Some days, I used to say to him why was he loving me. I told him to let me be alone and that I would go to my mother’s house. I needed a break, etc. But he never got angry with me. Instead, he dealt with my moods swings and took good care of me. He used to take me for outings, movies, and shopping. I was happy that he loved and cared about me so much. And as days passed, we got to hear the first heartbeat of our baby. That was one of the best feelings in the world. We were soon going to be parents.

The first trimester is full of ups & downs and mood swings make the journey like a roller coaster. But you can be happy if you get love, care, and affection of your beloved one (husband). You need some care, affection and some hugs & kisses. If the mother is happy the baby will be happy too. So it is our responsibility to be happy at that moment. Since pregnancy lasts for 9 months, it is important to be healthy & happy.

To overcome mood swings, I would like to suggest the husbands of expecting moms that please do take your wives for shopping, outings, lunches or dinner. You can take your wife for a walk or come early from the office and spend quality time with her. The nine months of pregnancy are not easy and it is tough for a woman to take good care of your wife. Text your wife during your free hours. I am sure that even a single text will make her happy. And If she will be happy when the baby will be happy. So enjoy your time together and take care of yourself.

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