Dos and Don’ts for a Clean and Hygienic Home for Your Baby

I have always received compliments that my baby and my home always remain clean and smell fresh. Here I want to share some ideas that I am following with my 1-year 9-month-old kid.

1. Till my baby was 6 months, I used to wash his clothes in liquid detergent (especially for baby clothes) Dettol liquid.

2. I started using diapers (Mamy Poko) for my kid as soon as he was 4 months old. From that time, he is wearing it 24 hrs with no side effects. Yes, many people will say don’t put these, but you, as a mother, should do whatever suits your kid best. I have observed that my kid plays more proactively, speaks more words and has started walking faster as compared to kids of his age but was using cloth nappies.

3. If using diapers all 24 hrs, then use diaper rash cream even though the kid is not getting rash. The cream will give your kid’s bottoms a pleasant smell.

4. Always try to play with your kid and manage with cooking, taking bath in time when he is fast asleep. Playing with your kid will enhance his interacting skills.

5. Never ever become a self-doctor for your kid, It’s not necessary that the dose for cold will be the same as it was 4 months ago. Medicine and dosage change every 5-6 months or as per weight gain by your baby.

6. If your baby is suffering from running nose, change his face towel every 6-8 hours. Do not use the same towel for 2-3 days even if it’s not used much. Repeating the same towel can cause recurring infection.

7. If the baby is having a cold, then heat 2-3 spoons of mustard oil with ajwain seeds and boil the mixture. Let it cool and then filter it and rub it on palms n feet of your kid whenever he goes for sleep. Rub Vicks Babycare on his chest. It helps in breathing when the nose is blocked.

I will post another part of this blog in some time. Till then, you can post queries or feedback to me.


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