Winter Care and Fun With Toddlers

Winter Care and Fun With Toddlers

Toddlers will always be on the move – they will be their boss and will stick to doing what they want to no matter what. They will have a lot of energy to explore the world, and they will learn how to become independent in their ways – even the winter season can’t stop them, so it’s best to take good care of them so they can explore.

Parents cannot expect their little ones to sit in one place under a warm blanket and only sit or sleep – they want to move, learn, play, run, and explore the world with each passing day and want to learn how things work around them, which will also help with growing their knowledge and skills. Thus, keeping them warm and ready every time is essential.

Here are a few ways in which you can take care of your toddler as she explores the winter season:

1. Appropriate Clothing – Layer up the Winter

Dress your kid up in layers to keep her warm in the winter by making her wear either a sweater, a sweatshirt, a jacket, and some warm socks and pants, depending on how cold the weather is. You can take some of the clothes off if it gets warm.

toddler wearing winter clothes

2. Accessories for Winter

Some winter essentials for your little one include sweaters, warm pants, mittens, gloves, sacks, warm boots, and winter hats.

3. Skincare: Winter Moisturizer

Moisturise your baby’s body with a moisturising lotion that is great for dry and sensitive winter skin.

winter moisturizer

4. Warm Water

Using warm water while bathing your child will prevent her from falling sick.

5. Vaccination

A good way to keep your child problem-free during the winter season is by being up-to-date with all the vaccinations.

keep your child's vaccinations up-to-date

6. Play and Beat the Winters

Do not be afraid of letting your child play outside because of the cold weather. Let her run around, grow, and have fun with all your protective measures. Warm clothes, socks and hats are your best friend at this point.

7. Indoor Activities with Your Toddler

There are several indoor activities you can do with your toddler during the winter season. You can go to malls with arcades which have activities for toddlers. You could also let them paint or draw at home using paints and crayons. There are several indoor games you can play with your child or best; you can host a small game party so all your toddler’s friends can come to your house and play. Some mellow activities include reading books, singing rhymes and dancing with your toddler.

indoor activities with toddler

8. Protection from Cold and Infections

Cold and infections happen when viruses spread. In this case, try to limit outdoor activities with your child. Avoid direct exposure to the cold breeze as it can make your child sick. Aside from this, a few basic manners such as covering her mouth as she sneezes would go a long way in keeping her and her friends safe from contagious infections. Watch for any signs of cold your child may develop, and make sure she always washes her hands with water and hand wash before and after playing.

9. Food

Give your child some warm soup in addition to their daily diet. Let her have warm chicken and vegetable soup to make her winters warm.

give your child some warm soup

10. Stay Hydrated

Usually, we don’t drink too much water during winters as compared to other seasons, but a right amount of water is essential to keep your child hydrated. Make sure she drinks enough water to stay hydrated.

Shop for Winter Essentials

Make sure you have all the things you need to keep your toddler warm and comfy during the winter season.
  • Essentials for winters
  • Warm and cosy clothes
  • Mittens, gloves, socks and boots
  • Winter Hats
  • Warm and lightweight blankets
  • Baby moisturisers
  • Wipes and tissues
  • Sanitizers and handwash

This winter, let your child explore the beauty and joy of the cold season. Make sure to take care of your child’s internal and external health by taking simple measures mentioned above. Happy exploring!

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