My Baby – My World – My Love – My Happiness – My Stress Buster!

My Baby - My World - My Love - My Happiness - My Stress Buster!

Being a mother is a divine thing which cannot be expressed in words but can only be experienced. Taking care of a newborn is something very precious. When it comes to my baby, she is my world. Taking care involves bathing, feeding, burping which ultimately leads to building a strong bondwith the baby.


This is a very tough time for me because my baby while doing oil massage she feels very happy and she enjoys doing body massage. But while bathing she cries so much that it makes me feel bad, but it is a common thing among all infants. After taking a bath, she feels very fresh and happily sleeps for at least 2-3 hours after having milk.


While feeding my baby, I take so much care so that she feels comfortable while drinking and I make sure that she has enough milk to fill her little stomach. Burping is as essential as feeding in my opinion. I hold her on my shoulders for at least 10mins so that she takes burps so that the milk she had gets digested quickly.


Day-by-day bonding between my baby and me is increasing. She has started recognising me and always smiles looking at me. She resembles me. She is entirely a photocopy of me. The more we interact with the kids, the more they grow and become more active.


Sleeping during nights was very difficult during the early weeks of my baby. She used to wake up very often, so we both did not have enough sleep during nights. But gradually as she is growing the time she sleeps during nights is becoming more. She wakes during the night for 3-4 times, but after having milk, she falls asleep.
But sleeping pattern will be different each day for any baby and also it changes weekly they say. For a few days, she used to sleep so much during the night and for some more days she used to be awake the whole night. So the sleeping pattern will be different which cannot be predictable.


This is the toughest thing a mother can face. During vaccination, babies cry a lot, and they get a fever for a couple of days because of vaccines. My suggestion is after giving vaccine make sure the hand and leg for which the vaccine was provided must be taken care of so much so that baby should not feel any pressure on that hand or leg. Make sure to apply ice cube over the injected area so that it avoids swelling. Make sure to check the baby’s temperature very often and give oral paracetamol drops once in every 6 hours for 48 hours so that fever gets controlled for the baby. During this time baby will feel uncomfortable while drinking milk and at times may not feel like drinking milk but make sure that the baby drinks milk which helps baby to feel better.
The most important thing that I want to share with you all is that every baby is different from every other baby. So I request all the parents not to compare your baby with other babies.Every baby has its style and own patterns. This is the story of me with my baby. Love you loads my baby!!!

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