Self Love and Self Care Doesn’t Make You Selfish

From the time you see those two pink lines, your happiness knows no boundaries and to the moment when you look at your baby is the time you dream about those sweet moments that you will cherish with your baby. What a feeling it is! You dream about those sparkling eyes, those tiny little feet, a bundle of joy to cuddle and what not.

And finally the most awaited day arrives, you hold your bundle of joy in your hands. And you go into a flashback of your whole journey of carrying your baby in your womb and you getting emotional with those tears of happiness in your eyes. That is how I exactly felt when I saw my baby for the first time.

But this is not it!  The actual journey started after that. Yes the journey of Motherhood, and being a first-time mum is not less than a roller coaster ride. The first few months were full of mixed feelings and emotions. There were sleepless nights, tiring days, the self-doubt regarding the fact that am I doing enough for my baby, those hormonal rushes when you don’t understand, but you want to cry, and cry, suddenly getting overwhelmed — Mommy guilt for being not a good mom. Sometimes you end up feeling so depressed that you want to run away. Gosh, the list goes on.

But what I learnt from this journey is the most important lessons of my life. Motherhood not only brings the most beautiful phase of your life but with that comes lots of responsibilities, confusion, dedication and lots of mommy guilt as this little tiny human being is so much dependent on you. And you have to struggle to take out some time for yourself. As we all know, no one said parenting was easy! But we focus on one part of it when we dream of our journey with all those cuddles and giggles.

 What helped me to get through this phase was, seeking help and support from my near and dear ones.

Talking frankly about my situation and how I am feeling at that moment to my friends and family, to vent out, and trust me it works like wonders because that phase is just for few minutes but how you deal with it makes a difference. It can make you or break you.

Steal a few moments from your busy schedule. Seek help. Take some time out and pamper yourself the way you like it. A happy mother means a happy baby. A baby can feel everything.

Maintaining a healthy diet plays a vital role in your life, and how you feel too! Most of the time, we moms pay attention to feed our kids healthy and nutritious food, ignoring ourselves and our health, compromising on junk foods,  but that is the biggest mistake we do. Always remember a healthy mother is a key to a happy and healthy family.

The day I discovered the importance of self-love,  I found the key to happiness. I always felt something was missing. Stealing some time from your busy life is not a big deal dear moms. It really does makes a difference. It makes you a better person, promotes positive thinking and positive attitude towards life, in turn, making you a healthy, energetic, full of life and best mom for your kids!

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the postpartum depression, and sometimes it’s not considered real or a myth. After giving birth there are so many changes our body, the mind goes through and taking care of our emotional well-being is equally important.

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