Screen Time and Visual Memories: Know what Your Kids Are Watching

Screen Time and Visual Memories: Know what Your Kids Are Watching

Are we sure that our kids are taking the right lessons from the cartoons they watch? All kids love to watch cartoons, and it is one of the biggest concerns parents presently have. Let me assure you that there are some incredible cartoon shows which enhance learning
and make their screen time worthwhile.

Visual memories are the strongest memories. We hardly forget things we see directly. That is the reason why kids don’t forget what they see and often use words, sentences, phrases they have heard in their daily conversations. This is the reason why prioritizing
is important, too.

Parents need to guide their children to view age-appropriate movies. What your toddler might want to watch, and what is actually appropriate for him could be two very different things. Also, we should not limit the child’s learning to our learning for he/she was not born in our time; let them explore, but be alert.

Here are some tips that will help you know which cartoons are best for your child to watch.

Tips to Judge Which Cartoon Is Worth Watching:
  • There should be no violent scenes.
  • The show should be free from nudity.
  • It shouldn’t disturb the kid mentally.
  • It shouldn’t have abusive or colourful language.
  • Look out for websites which rate kids shows.
  • Check parenting websites.
  • Watch the previews.
  • Watch the show with the kids once.
  • Go with the gut feeling.

Remember that a kid’s mind is constantly developing. Use it as an opportunity. Make them learn good music, morals, and manners.

Also, there are some cartoons that most of us unknowingly let out kids watch. Consequences are not good as their minds are sensitive. I will soon be coming up with the same to keep you updated. Stay tuned!

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Happy Parenting!

See you soon.

Kshiti Agarwal

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