Thing to Remember Before Starting Solids to Your Baby

Thing to Remember Before Starting Solids to Your Baby!

Being a first time mom is quite exciting and nervous. You wait and look forward for every minutest of development that your baby does and it just makes you happy and happy. Starting solids is one such thing which probably every mother looks forward to..For
me definitely it was no different.. I was exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for the first 6 months. Though my Paediatric had suggested to start solids in the 5th month itself but i was more inclined towards Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months.

Recent studies suggest to look for below requirements before starting your kid on solids:
1. Baby is able to sit with support
      This is necessary as this reduces the risks of choking
2. Baby has lost tongue thrust
  This means that baby doesn’t send the food out through the tongue and rather knows to take it inside
3. Baby shows interest in food
   This means the baby is willing and showing interest in our plates
Well these are the primary requirements one should look for before starting with soilds , the first two being more important .
Also a few things I learned during this initial phase is understand the difference betweend gagging and choking. Know and learn how to prevent your child from choking and the immediate actions that you need to take.
Gagging is fine and its not dangerous and its bound to happen in the weaning journey. Its an opportunity for the babies to learn. Till the time we introduce solids, they only know to suck and gulp through and when we introduce something of a different.
texture than that of milk, gagging is bound to happen till they understand thats its not milk and it has to be swallowed in a different way.
On the other hand choking can be dangerous so be very careful while offering food. Never leave your child unattended with food kept in front of them.
Understand what type of textures to be given to babies so that it won’t cause choking and most important learn the immediate actions that need to be performed in case your child chokes.
Most important,
Stay calm. Be patient. Trust yourself and trust your baby. Its gonna be fun and there s no better feeling than seeing your child enjoy food.
Happy Parenting!!
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