What is Love for You? - A Poem

What is Love for You? – A Poem

Love often has different dimensions to it. It is one thing which a person never falls short of inspite of sharing in abundance. Every person has a different position in our life and each one gets his or her share of love. Here is a little poem on how love visits us in different forms and how it touches our lives to last forever…
I asked a mother what is Love..??
She looked at her little one with a tearful smile…
“The fortitude to live through the turmoil of existence,
The silver lining on the lousy clouds of grievances!
The tranquil you find when you see him asleep,
The fear of losing which resides within..deep!
The special smile which lights up your blues,
The realization that Life is a blend of all hues..!!”
I asked my friends who is Love..??
Patting my back they playfully said…
“The one who waits for you time and again,
The one who cries even at your slightest pain!
One who slaps at your grave mistakes,
And then cuddles you to wipe up your tearful face!
Who knows of you, what you would never have guessed,
Whose very existence makes you feel blessed..!!”
I asked a couple why do we need Love..??
They winked at each other and gave a hug…
“To give you warmth in the misty cold,
To show you the way when you stand blindfold!
To walk beside you to share your elation,
To lift you safe from the scorching desolation!
Therefore Love…To be with you,
In your existence and beyond extinction..!!”
I asked the Almighty where is Love..??
He proudly smiled at His creation and opened His arms wide…
“Where many hearts sing the song of glory,
Where every smiling face has an untold story!
Where the Cupid finds his arrows,
And the ailing hearts heal their sorrows!
Here is Love..!! And for you it awaits..
To embrace you, to shower upon you its mystic spirit..
In the times of feats and in regrets..!!”
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