Kids and a Magical Thing Called 'Mobile Phone'

Kids and a Magical Thing Called ‘Mobile Phone’

Mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s life.  The whole world’s news and facts are available at the swipe of a finger now. From adults to toddlers, the usage of this magical box is quite common. Parents feel proud in sharing the news with their friends and family that their child is a master in swiping.

What Encourages Kids to Use Phones

It’s because of parents and everyone around that kids learn to use phones. Children learn from our actions. When we use most of our time on our phones, our kids develop a keen interest in looking at what that phone has.

What Happens When a Child Uses a Phone

  • It creates behavioural problems
  • It affects the brain
  • Children avoid other physical activities, thus leading to developmental problems
  • Interaction problems with society because the phone become their best friend
  • May show a declining interest in studies and learning new things
  • Using the mobile phone becomes their hobby

How You Can Avoid This Problem

Children start exploring more and more as they grow. They go through everything around them; even a bit of paper seems interesting to them. Even a breeze and a dancing leaf too. In this process, mobile phones are also included. So don’t allow this to happen.
Play with your child as much as possible. Involve them in other activities, give them playful objects. Avoid using your phone in front of them.

1. Don’t give your child phones if he/she cries a lot.

Even when he or she asks and cries for it take them out show other interesting things or things which they like most. This decreases their interest in it.

2. Don’t give your child a phone when they’re eating their meals.

If your child refuses to eat without a phone, let them be for some time. If they feel hungry at a specific time, they naturally feel like eating. If your child is really playful and needs a phone, give him or her some instruments like a piano or a drum when they can play. As time passes, they show an interest in playing with them.

3. Don’t give phones to your child when you have work and they need to be silent.

There is no work more important than seeing your child. A few years after they develop maturity they gradually plan and make decisions on their own. Till then, you have to support them.  So don’t give phones to them; instead, involve them in your work. Give them a small task which they themselves can do.

Kids today have been developing an interest in phones. Phones show both – the negatives and positives of the world. Remember, he or she should lead a good life, and your phones should not steal their future. Be a child with your child and everything will fall in place.

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