My Days With My Toddler During the Lockdown

It’s not really easy to start working soon after our maternity leave. But, if we are into it, we are incredibly great. If we give it a thought, though it’s really not possible to work streamless as before, we can gradually improvize.

When we go back to work, initially, we tend to worry about the child but eventually, we adapt to our new routine. But do we have enough time for our child and to enjoy the blissful phase of motherhood?

I don’t know how much justice I have done to my kid from the time he turned 6 months old until now. But, I am sure I did my best during this COVID-19 lockdown period. I am so worried about the pandemic but I am enjoying my days with my toddler. Earlier, I couldn’t wake up with him as I had to rush to take care of households before I used to leave for work. Every day he used to come crying to me in the kitchen, looking for me. I know these moments sounds silly, but they hurt me. Now, I have the whole day for him. I can play with him. I can watch every new thing he learns every day, the things that I missed earlier. I can hug him when he gets hurt, which I realised that I missed them for a long time.

But I always had a question that why only women are guilty of these situations with kids and why not men? We do work as you do the whole day long and do household chores too. Why only men get tired and not us? If we talk about women empowerment, it should start from ones in the family. Financial independence and family should be equally important for both men and women, only then we can achieve empowerment.

Although times are bad, but if I were to find hope during this time and be grateful than I would say thanks to the COVID-19 coronavirus that it gave us this wonderful time with family. Our lives were always busy, but now we are together with our family. Yes, we have a fear of the unknown and are afraid and worried about the pandemic, but we are at least together.

Let’s be generous at this moment of time and help the needy. Lockdown is not the same for everyone around us. Let’s help poor and feed nutritious food to kids whom we notice around us because life should not be tough for any child because of hunger and poverty.
Let’s stay safe, healthy, and enjoy our precious time with family by staying home.

Dedicated to all worried, working mothers!

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