Being a Full-time Mom After Being at the Peak of My Career

Being a Full-time Mom After Being at the Peak of My Career

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I am here to pen my life and the emotions and feelings of being a full-time mom after being at the peak of my career. Probably it will of some help to the moms to be.

I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and was working with an MNC before my marriage. Being very ambitious and passionate I put in long hours of work and prioritised my work at every step. I got married to a Chartered Accountant. Left my job and joined his practise so that we grow together. Initially, it was not easy as I had full control in my job profile. Getting into practice was a dream but not an easy one. Slowly I got settled with the practice but there came again a turn where we were planned for a baby. During the pregnancy, the thought of staying home with the baby was scary. I would speak with many working moms and many full-time moms about how did they manage. Conversations with other moms gave me relief but only for a certain time. The fear would arise again and again. Deep down in my heart, I did not want to be a full-time mom.

Time passed and we had our baby boy. Like any other mom, I was excited, delighted, scared and all the other emotions any mom will feel. As I held my baby, I was sure I wanted to be with him in every milestone of his. Slowly with every passing day, a little bit of my motherly side came out and the career-oriented woman side dissolved. Being in practice with my husband I had the flexibility of working from home and yes I took that opportunity and started working part-time from home as and when my baby would sleep.

Time flew and my baby started to talk and learn new things. I wanted to make my baby learn and make his inquisitive mind aware. During this phase as well, I miss being a career-oriented woman who achieves all her dreams. But the thought of leaving my child is even scarier as I know I will not get back his childhood days back again. For now, I am still dealing with some confusion in my mind telling me to be a career woman, while my heart says to be with my child. I am here to deal with it just like others.

So all the women out there, it is okay to be in confusion. Soon this stage will pass by as well. My story and my thoughts are not meant to hurt anyone’s opinions or decisions. My entire respect goes out to both working as well as full-time moms. My story is here just to calm down some mom out there dealing with any kind of confusion in their minds and hearts.

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