Let Your Child Make Mistakes and Let Them Learn on Their Own

Dear parents in today’s competitive world we all are running behind to make our kids perfect. But in that process we just don’t allow them to explore the world around them because we are always instructive to them. As we want them to do things in a perfect

manner why don’t we just let them do things in their own way? This may lead to more innovation and imaginative skill development in your child.

Let’s try to understand how allowing them a free hand would help them.

1. Developing Independence 
Letting the children do their job own their own makes them learn independence. Though kids may make mistakes and become clumsy at times, they will learn how to do things correctly with time.
2. Innovative and imaginative 
Allowing your child to do things like playing or colouring in their own way, may lead to a lot more innovation and will develop the children’s imagination. My son, who’s two years and nine months old currently converts his fire truck into tow truck and starts pulling other cars. This also let’s him learn new vocabulary.
3. Learning from their mistakes
When children do something and it fails, they learn what should not be attempted and how to improve the situation. This also allows them to accept their error and learn from them.
Let your child play, write, colour and enjoy the way the feel happy unless it is  not harmful to them allow them to have their own thoughts and let them explore the world around them. Manipulating the toys leads a lot of learning do not force them to play in a particular manner. Let them be the free birds to explore the sky and above.
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