Hey Mamma, I'm Impressed. You're Doing a Good Job!

Hey Mamma, I’m Impressed. You’re Doing a Good Job!

A daughter first, then a wife and a mother need to hear this from you. What does she need to hear? Well, to know ‘what’, let’s see the answer to ‘why’ first! With so much uncertainty from the day she becomes a mom, she tries to handle everything with love hoping it will all come together one day. Days pass but she will still find hope in the smiles and hug of her baby. Many things make her worried- if she is taking proper care of the baby, about her saggy skin, getting the newborn to latch, their sleep routine, proper nutrition for kids, managing personal life with husband, uncertain on a career break, controlling anger and many more. If you think that taking her out for a good massage or preparing food for her once will give her a break, let me tell you, it’s a long term role she is fulfilling and both her hands will be full for many years from now so even if she smiles, she knows she has to get hold of it and manage for long. She might not take out time for herself and go for a workout yet she is more active than anyone in the house. She feels guilty for not having a proper workout. She is not earning and yet happily takes care of the children, and manages the expenses so well. She is guilty of prolonging her career break or not being able to catch-up to her career. She tries hard to not let her children fall sick. She wants to take them out to parks, activity areas even though she doesn’t have a space of her own.

Recognise what she is doing and show your respect to what she does. Say to her that ‘You are doing a good job’. This alone is an acknowledgement of her effort and love. If you think a mother doesn’t need any appreciation or compliment and recognition because they don’t expect one, then let me tell you, they need it to raise their energy level and keep doing the great job they have been doing.

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