What to Do If Your Newborn Baby Cries Too Much at a Particular Time or in the Evening

What to Do if Your Newborn Baby Cries Too Much at a Particular Time or in the Evening

A child is a beautiful gift of God. Whether it’s a first, second or third child, for parents it has the same feeling of love. Parents always have new and different experiences with every child and so they have different problems and confusions, but one is common that is their breathless crying which takes away the breath of parents.  We, as parents of a newborn baby mostly get upset when the baby cries a lot and is not ready to calm down. We are unable to find the reason of their crying. It happens mostly in the evening or at a particular time everyday.

Then, we can follow a few steps to calm the baby. These are as follows and hope it will work for you:-

  • Firstly, position baby on your shoulder, or make him in your lap, leaning forward against your hand. Rub or pat his lower back with your other hand to him burp.
  • Secondly, check the diaper and change it because a wet diaper can irritate the child.
  • Rashes can be another reason, so remove the diaper and let it dry. After that massage with rashes cream or use baby powder to give relief.
  • If it does not work then take the baby closer to your heart and breathe slowly to relax the baby.
  • Sleeping can also be the reason. You can observe this when you are trying to breastfeed the baby but he is not ready for that and crying consistently. You just try to relax him and make him sleep.
  • Sometimes, baby gets bored of lying down so take him on a round or you can start even dancing to change baby’s mood.

At the end of the day, it’s your part of life, so feel it; you will get your answer, dear mom. By getting closer to the child and the time that you spend with the baby you will become a mirror of the baby.

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