Motherhood - The Beginning of Your Magical Life

Motherhood – The Beginning of Your Magical Life

Motherhood……This word itself is very magical…..being a mother is the beginning of your magical life….you will love everything about your baby and all the experiences with your lil one will give you the best feeling on Earth.
Motherhood is the greatest gift to every mom from God. Thank you, God for blessing us with the greatest gift of motherhood.
The moment you get to know that you are pregnant, everything changes into magic. The word “me” will automatically turn into us. You will think only about your baby and how to take of her from the moment you get to know of your conception. You will start being responsible and more caring. And from being pregnant to parenting, the lifelong journey will be so blissful that you will cherish every moment of it. The moment when you listen to your baby’s heartbeat, you will experience your own heartbeats as a mother.
Every day the love and care for the baby will continue to grow.
All the pain will vanish in a second and you will start smiling with the endless happiness of the world. When you hold your little baby in your hands, you will forget everything.
And the journey of motherhood will start which needs a lot of love, affection, care, protection, strength, selflessness and all the goodness of the world.
You will cherish your life with your baby.You will love to express everlasting love and care for your baby.
You will become more stronger and protecting as a mother when it comes to your baby’s care.
The first time your baby looks into your eyes your heart melts with love. The first time she interacts with you will make you feel more and more loved.
The first time she smiles will automatically bring a smile on your face.
The first time you listen to her making sounds and even laughing will light your face up with joy.
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