Parenting-Related Issues and Anger – How to Deal With It!

Over the years, we have seen our parents get angry and lash out at every little mistake we made as kids, which in return had become their parenting style, and that resulted in them and our generation being prone to anger issues.

Anger comes easy when dealing with any issues in our lives; it is made clear that there is “no room for mistakes” in raising our kids, which puts immense pressure on us in our day-to-day lives.

So, the key here is to take that pressure off; to have the freedom so we raise our kids the way they should be, to take some pressure off of us, so here’s no pressure on our kids.

Although it’s a huge step in parenting for new-generation parents to break old patterns of anger and fear raising of our kids, but also the most important in today’s world.

Make room for mistakes for the kids and yourself; it’s okay to drop that juice on the floor, it’s okay to break that toy. We learn from our mistakes, and our darling babies learn from theirs.

Let them learn themselves; if that juice is dropped on the floor, then there’s no more juice to drink, and if that toy is broken, they can’t play with it anymore.

Hitting and lashing out on kids is the worst way to go affects their brain that leads to traumas in teens and later anger issues in adults. That continues the same patterns of parenting and hence the same traumas throughout generations.

We have the key to change things to break the pattern.

And for yourself, when the anger hits you, take those big deep breaths first. Do what makes you happy and keeps you sane. Talk to your friends about different styles of parenting, ask what they do when they get angry. Also, discuss with your partner what can be done differently to raise your kids, what their input is on raising them right. And remember, you can always make your mistakes right. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Remind yourself to go easy on you; we are all learning. You will get through it, one step at a time.

Take time for yourself, let’s start parenting again.

Happy parenting, y’all.

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