Imperfect Motherhood

Imperfect Motherhood

Motherhood is often glorified in our society, and mothers are expected to forget all their pains, issues, and frustration. If you ever say words like ‘I am struggling to raise my child, it’s so difficult’ immediately, the answer ‘everyone raises kids, you are no exception ‘hits like a bullet.

Why can’t a mother have and share the problems she’s going through? Why is it taken so negatively when a mother shares her struggles with the people? Stop making women ‘Super women’, which they are not. We are just normal human beings trying every day to make ends meet. 

Once, one of my friends asked how is life after having your child? I told her I hadn’t slept for two years. And that was it. My mother-in-law got it wrong and reprimanded me, saying, ‘kids are blessings of God; you can’t just tell people how miserable life becomes after kids.’ I understand her point of view, but having complaints doesn’t mean I am ungrateful for my child. I am more than blessed for this beautiful addition & thoroughly enjoy every moment with him. But I still have my ups and downs. Sometimes it’s too much to take, but I still somehow drag myself to the end of the day. Whether it’s the initial days of postnatal care or running around a toddler, e every woman has her struggles, and she should be supported, not ridiculed for raising her concerns. 

Women need to address other women’s problems and try to help them as much as possible rather than telling them, ‘we did that too; you are no different. Upbringing children is even harder these days due to several reasons. 

Let’s come together and make our mom community feel better about themselves. Let them complain; hear them out. They may not need a solution, but just a kind ear to listen to them. 

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