My Pregnancy Experience About Having a Normal Delivery

I am a mom to a year-and-a-half old boy. I felt like sharing my experience about my pregnancy phase, especially because I see a surprised look whenever I say it was a ‘normal delivery’.

Well not that I was stubborn about having a normal delivery, especially when c-section is so common these days. When I was ready to have a baby, I was fine with anything as long as my baby was healthy. But, I did desire a normal delivery. I had a few things planned in mind about how I am going to be throughout my pregnancy, and I think, nah, I am sure I got the result due to the planning I followed till I experienced the symptoms of labour. And yes, I planned nothing out of the box.

So, here it goes, but before that, please note that I am not sharing tips or steps to be followed for normal delivery. I am only sharing my experience.

  • Live a Normal Life – First of all, I did not treat myself as a patient when I got pregnant.  C’mon it’s a new phase, and you are supposed to enjoy it. I know you might be thinking about how one can enjoy nausea, but it is just a phase, and you won’t have it forever.
  • Be Active – I wanted to be active/busy/occupied. I work for a corporate, and I was very sure that I would work for as long as I can. Thanks to the work-from-ho option, I managed to work until my 8th month into the pregnancy. And yes, I preferred to drive myself than take a cab. Also, I am not into physical fitness, but somehow I walked more during my pregnancy than ever before. To keep my back strong, I had asked for a couple of back exercises from my physiotherapist. And, I only had a helper for basic cleaning. Cooking and some other stuff was managed by me. Of course, my husband and my family were supportive and helped me with some of my tasks too.
  • Pampering – How can we not enjoy the pampering? That’s the best part of pregnancy, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I also knew once the baby was out, all the pampering that came to me would go to my baby.
  • Eat Healthily – According to a saying, when a woman is pregnant, you just need to eat the amount of a slice of bread extra for the little one in the womb. And, I have a sweet tooth, yet I had decided to sacrifice just to avoid a last-minute rise in the sugar level and additional medication for it. At times though, I did have a little to fulfil my cravings.

In short, pregnancy is not an easy phase. Yet, I wanted to be active, eat healthily, and stay happy, and I could have a normal delivery.

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