The Little Joys of Life

The Little Joys of Life

The little joys of life.

Often, we overlook the little joys of life in our daily hustle. Everyone is just trying to reach somewhere and do not even have a moment to take a deep breath. This quarantine period is the best example that shows people are in haste, but the universe is not, that the things they planned this year can wait, and maybe they’ve got ample time to rethink their plans.

Let us all just take a break and rejuvenate ourselves. Listen to our mind and body. Find those little joys in our lives. They’re always around us.

Be it the morning bed tea, a favourite dish, sleeping on a crisp bedsheet, making time for friends, grabbing a tub of ice-cream after dinner, patting the siblings on their heads and then denying it later, pursuing a hobby that was on the to-do list forever, singing weird lyrics, having quality talks with family, etc., enjoy every moment. These are only a few, by the way, the list is never-ending.

The attempt is to pen down these things – live your life to the fullest, cherish every moment, be grateful for everything, and enjoy the grind.

So, whenever there are difficult times in life, you should enjoy small moments of happiness, not blame the situation because it is going to pass! Time once gone, do not come back, friends, and cherish the sweet memories you create together.

Yes friends, as per my experience, no situation informs before coming into your life. For example, the lockdown – this time is not under anyone’s control, but it is absolutely true. Everyone is expecting we will get rid of the coronavirus soon and our country will return to normalcy. But, till then, live and enjoy the little joys of life. This moment will not come back again.

Please do express your views. I look forward to your responses.

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Thank you.

Aarti Ayachit

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