My Journey to Bring My Little Warrior Into This World!

My Journey to Bring My Little Warrior Into This World!

It was on March 11, 2019, that I got to know that I am going to be a mother. It was after a long wait I found those two lines on the pregnancy strip.

I got married in February 2017. During the first 3 months, we weren’t prepared for a baby. But, after that, we started trying. Every month, we used to eagerly wait, but all in vain. My periods would show up. Month after month they showed up like clockwork.

After 6 months of trial, we decided to consult a gynaecologist. She did a few blood tests and PV. Everything was normal, and she prescribed some folic acid tablets. She sent us back, giving us hope. Again, a couple of months went by, trying, no positives…Finally, we planned to check my husband’s sperm. That also came out normal.

I started feeling low. Everything was normal, so why weren’t we conceiving… I desperately wanted to have a baby. I used to really feel sad when I would hear that someone is pregnant. But my family and my husband stood by my side, and after 1 and half years of marriage, we thought of starting fertility treatment, and went to a fertility clinic. But, as a second opinion, we consulted another gynaecologist. She suggested a plan, which was the best decision we took. Thanks to my mom for introducing that angel to us!

3 months of ovulation, induction and scanning… Nothing happened. Every month after scanning, ovulation happened, then we’d wait for periods. They would show up, and then we’d go through the same cycle. After 3 months, she said we will do a tube test. The date was fixed, and we waited for the day to know if my tubes were blocked. The day arrived, and we went to the hospital early in the morning. The test was done on an empty stomach. My mom and husband waiting outside. First trial was done, dye was used, the doctor prescribed some medicine for dilation, and she left. Nurses gave me the medicine, and asked me to wait for some time. I was having mild cramps. The doctor came again, tried push the dye inside my uterus again, and failed. After that, we had to go to the OR. Tension had built up in each one of us. 10 minutes of wait felt like 10 hours.

Finally, the doctor said that my cervix is closed, so we have to do a laparoscopy to see what the reason was. We did the surgery after making a decision, and after that, the doctor told us that there was an obstruction in my cervix, either because of chicken pox, or urinary infection. My tubes were clear. I was discharged after the second day.

I continued to get my periods, and the doctor prescribed more ovulation induction tablets. Finally, the next month, we came to know that all these struggles had showed a positive result. Those two lines which I was waiting for, showed up! I couldn’t explain my happiness. It was the happiest day. In November 2019, our little bundle of joy came to us!

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