The Strong Bond I Share with My Sister

The Strong Bond I Share with My Sister

“It’s okay..even if you are getting a better college, you should be taking admission in the same college in which your sister is studying. I don’t want you to face any issues in a new college .”, said my father in a strong voice, that no one could oppose to.

The bags were packed and I reached the hostel. My elder sister whom I called ‘Dii’, was waiting for me. She introduced me to a few of her colleagues and my seniors too. I felt a homely environment both in the hostel as well as college. Being the sister of a senior, no one ever dared to rag or bully me. I felt more confident than my other friends did. Studies also went on fine. After 2 years, she passed out from the college and went to another city for work.

After 2 more years, I also got a job in the same city and the same MNC in which she was working already. So, was this my good fortune. I was just elated and happy again ?. And our parents also didn’t think twice before letting me join this job. So, we were together again.

The journey of life then took her to marriage and then kids and same followed with me too. However, this journey is not at all easy. It’s full of ups and downs. It’s almost a roller coaster. But the support that I have always got from my sister cannot be mentioned in words.

Each and every decision that I took in my life had been always influenced by her in some or the other way. When I feel I am facing a situation that I am not meant for, I assume she is in my place and think what she would do if this had happened to her. Yes, it becomes easy, of course, and sorted out ?. She has been a pillar of strength in all odds of my life.

Today, I am a mom of two and she is too. We stay in different cities. We talk often. Many things we speak about cannot be told even to parents, but can only be shared with your trustworthy sibling.

I remember how we were entirely opposite in likes and dislikes in our childhood. How we fought for the smallest and most silly things. I always felt that Papa loves her more and she always felt that Mummy loves me more. I think we still have this common issue ??. But it doesn’t matter, yeah !!

What matters most is the love, the eternal and perennial support for each other whenever needed.

I wish our children also share a similar bond of love and affection forever.

Lots of love to my sister.

Dear readers, I am sure you would also have such a loving sister/brother, do share your thoughts on this blog. Thank you.

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