Congratulations, Your Newborn Is Fine But...

Congratulations, Your Newborn Is Fine But…

I guess I will never forget that day ever. Those words of the doctor are still fresh in my mind.

I had a healthy pregnancy, Everything was beautiful. My baby’s health too was amazing during my pregnancy. However, during my last sonography, I was told that my baby was in an oblique position and hence we would require a C-sec. I was ready and fine with it as long as I had my baby safe in my arms.

I gave birth to a baby boy. I was very happy and everyone else was too. When it was time to get discharged from the hospital, my baby’s doctor asked me to visit the hospital again after a few days as she could hear an extra sound with my baby’s heartbeat.

I could not forget what she said, and was very scared as to what could go wrong. After 4 days, we visited the hospital again, though I was very anxious and scared at the same time, wondering what the doctor would say. We sat down in the room. The doctor removed her stethoscope and examined my baby’s heartbeat, I could feel my own heartbeats rushing like a fast train.

After some time, the words which the doctor told me is something I will never forget. She said that she could hear an extra sound with my baby’s heartbeat and there is a possibility that he may have a hole in his heart!

My world came crashing down. Everything seemed blacked out. I couldn’t feel anything, my body had become numb. I just broke down in tears at that very moment. My little angel had just come in my life, and I couldn’t bear even a scratch coming to him and having a hole in his heart was beyond imagination.

I was just crying continuously and fighting with my God, as to how could he do this to my son? Why?…. I just didnt know what to do and how to handle this. Was this because of me? Did I do something wrong? These questions haunted me everyday.

Now my son is 2 years old. He had an open heart surgery when he completed 1 year to close the hole in his heart. He had a successful surgery and with God’s blessings is healthy and super duper active and naughty.

It was like my angel was born twice.  He got a second life, a new life. A new heart. My baby was back to me, happy and healthy. My husband, my parents and and my family were my biggest supporters during this tough time.

Motherhood is beautiful, Motherhood is tough. A mom’s love for her child is something that can’t be replaced with anything in this world. A mother will fight and go through whatever comes her way to see her baby safe. No matter how big a person becomes, but for a mother, her baby will always remain a baby, irrespective of age. A mother will never lose hope. Never. That’s how strong the bond is !

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