Everything Happens for a Reason, and the Reason Is Always Good

Everything Happens for a Reason, and the Reason Is Always Good

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Marriage is a journey full of ups and downs. A successful marriage is not about marrying the right person, it’s about accepting the person with all their flaws. No one is perfect, and rather than trying to change the person, learn to accept them as they are. I feel that the most important ingredients for a successful marriage is to keep your ego away, and share and talk about anything in this world without the fear of what they might think. There is nothing that can not be sorted out through talking. Support your partner’s decisions, and if you are not with them, tell them why you feel they are not right, and try to have a balance.
Never try to impose your decision on the other. Everyone is equal, and deserves the same amount of respect.

Never expect too much from your partner. Expectations, if not fulfilled, only hurt and create problems. Rather, appreciate whatever little things they do for you. It might be a small thing, but they are willingly doing it.

Cooking and looking after the house are not chores one should expect only from women. They are your life partner, not your maids. If they are willingly doing it, it’s because they love you and care for you. Thinking it’s their job and expecting them to do it is wrong. Rather, try to share the burden. Most women are working, and even if they are housewives, they are working for your family 24/7. Respect their contribution towards making your life better, rather than abusing them for what they are missing.

A day swapping what they both do will make each one realise how difficult the other’s life is. Misunderstandings can be the greatest enemy. If there is any, try to sort it out by talking about why it might have happened. Be patient, and listen carefully to the other, rather than making your own assumptions.

Lastly your life partner can become your best friend, too. Try it, it makes life easier!

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