Important Breastfeeding Tips Every New Mom Should Be Aware

Important Breastfeeding Tips Every New Mom Should Be Aware

The life of a new mommy is never easy. Notwithstanding the happiness and excitement, the biggest challenge is ensuring the baby’s well-being. Many women, especially mommies for the first time, get cold feet, their minds confused and full of doubts while breastfeeding the baby (be it their diet or the correct posture while breastfeeding). The infinite parenting tips from friends and family make the situation even worse. There is, however, nothing to press the panic button. Motherhood and breastfeeding are not as complicated as it appears.

Mentioned below are a few simple yet helpful tips to make breastfeeding a pleasurable experience for the mother and baby.

Keep stress at bay: Breastfeeding may appear challenging initially but stressing over the same will not make things easier for you. Several studies suggest that stress and anxiety can cause a dip in the breast milk supply. No wonder new mommies are always advised to take short naps and rest as much as possible. Meditation, yoga, exercise (mild to moderate), and and listening to soft and soothing music are also great ways to relax and soothe the body physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Consult a specialist: The baby often finds it difficult to latch on to the breast properly,, making breastfeeding a not-so-pleasant experience. Under such a circumstance, the ideal solution would be to consult a Lactation specialist. With proper guidance and tips, not only will the baby be able to latch on to the breast properly, but you will also start enjoying breastfeeding the baby.

Take care of the diet: It is well-known that during breastfeeding, the baby derives all its nourishment from the mother. Thus, what the mother eats will directly influence the baby. The diet of the nursing woman should, therefore, be as healthy and nutritious as possible. Legumes, lean meat, dairy products (low fat), fish with low mercury content (especially Salmon), green leafy vegetables, eggs, brown rice, bread (whole wheat), blueberries, and whole grain cereals are considered healthy and should be consumed more.

Women with low breast milk supply can benefit immensely by enriching their diet with oatmeal, fenugreek seeds, garlic, spinach, asparagus, carrots, barley, apricots, almonds, sesame seeds (black), cumin seeds, brown rice, salmon, to name a few.

One should also drink water and freshly prepared fruit juice at regular intervals to keep the body well hydrated and increase the breast milk supply. Spicy, cold, stale, oily, processed and fast foods should be strictly avoided. Aerated and caffeinated drinks and beverages are also best left avoided or consumed in moderation.

Breast Massage: Before every breastfeeding session, massage your breasts gently in a circular motion to ensure better flow of breast milk.

Cleanliness and hygiene: With the baby around, you must be extra careful. Ensure everyone washes their hands properly and uses a sanitiser before entering the baby’s room or holding the baby. Feeding bottles, breast shields or pumps should be sterilized well after every use.
For better results,

  • Always try to breastfeed the baby in a quiet and peaceful room/ atmosphere sans any chaos.
  • Ensure to keep the baby in a dry and clean diaper before every feeding session.

Remember, the best you can do for your baby is to breastfeed them immediately after birth (unless you are medically unfit to do so).

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