Feeding Baby till 1 Year - Is It Plain Sailing or Pain Sailing?

Feeding Baby till 1 Year – Is It Plain Sailing or Pain Sailing?

Hello friends, some people tell feeding a child till the age of one is much easier whereas some people find it more difficult. What about you? Difficult or easy? Ok… let me share about my experience ?

I had no idea that a new born baby needs and care, As a new mom, I thought babies just need milk ? and sleep ?.
Soon after delivery, my baby started crying loud due to hunger. With the tiredness of delivery pain and restlessness, feeding baby for the first time made me unhappy ☹️ but still, ok let me feed for a few minutes, she may sleep again went my thought. But it was wrong.
She was crying, crying, non-stop, elders started to tell inadequacy of milk, so everyone suggested giving formula feed. As a confused new mom, I had no idea about it, later on with some parenting groups and Q &A sessions, my confusion came to conclusion that feeding continuously may also increase supply. All sleepless nights went away in feeding every half hour, then once an hour. Finally, I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby (going strong till now at the age of 1.2 without any formula feed) so I just turned my difficult phase into happy phase? Create hope, continue breastfeeding and say no to formula feed. Everyone is capable of feeding their dear ones.
Now till the age of 6 months, it’s gonna be easy and here comes the second part of the difficulty.
Introducing solids, is that so easy as feeding mother’s milk ? I say really no.
All babies like mother’s feed, no baby is gonna refuse it but solids? Some may accept the taste, some may not . I struggled a lot to introduce solid food. Frequent spitting made me upset which even turned my assumption wrong that stepping to solid food is easy and baby’s stomach gets filled for much more time and no hunger for a longer gap with a good nap. ?
Everyting went wrong and made me feel milk is always better ?
I made up my mind, someday we need to introduce solid and it’s the time. With patience tried the same food for 4 to 5 days and the spitting eventually reduced as the day passed. My baby started eating solid ? with that patience, we tried different foods repeatedly so that my baby can adapt to all tastes. Even now my baby accepts some food and says no to some.
  • Try different tastes for baby so they can accept any one of it.
  • Don’t force babies to eat, they start hating it.
  • If they say done even with little amount of food, ok leave them without forcing them to eat entire food
  • Spitting food ? It’s ok, try until they like it with patience.
Yes!! Every difficult phase can be changed and will change. The big task for growing babies is food. Why make it complicated? Leave them as they like to make it simple. Some may not like raw apples, instead of avoiding it just try with some other form like toasted apple ? some may like it .
Yea, have patience while feeding baby, then everything will be a plain sailing ???
Thank you!!

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