5 Things That You Must Have for Your Newborn Which Nobody Would Tell You

5 Things That You Must Have for Your Newborn Which Nobody Would Tell You

I am a first time mother and delivered my baby boy in the month of December.
Like all first time moms, even I researched a lot about all the important things I needed to welcome my newborn. A lot of data is available over the internet and I am not going to tell you about the same essentials. I am here to share 5 must have things which I found very useful for my newborn.

1. Baby Mosquito Net

This one is a very essential item to protect your baby from not only mosquitoes but many other repellents which are found in Indian homes. You can use either a bed attached with mosquito net or a stand alone net for ease of carrying everywhere.

2. Thermometer

Body temperature of the  newborn is generally higher than ours and keeps on changing periodically. As a new parent we seem to be very sceptical about this fluctuation. So its better to use a thermometer to record any abnormal increase in temperature to avoid complications.

3. Mustard Pillow

Your baby’s head can be given shape mostly during the first few months of birth as it’s soft during that time. During this period  a mustard pillow is a very useful option in providing good shape to your baby’s head. You should change sides to achieve a round shaped head.After all nobody wants their baby to have a flat head.

4. Tissue Paper

This has been my saviour in almost every scenario. From accidental spills to cleaning my baby during a diaper change. I believe that using ply tissue paper with warm water is a much better and hygienic option than wet tissues which are perfumed and contains alcohol. Tissue papers also serves as an more economical option than wet wipes.

5. Tongue Cleaner

Well this is something which is very handy for maintaining your baby’s oral hygiene. Over a period of time there is milk deposition in your baby’s tongue which forms a white patch. This can also lead to stomach ache  if not cleaned regularly. You can use a baby tongue cleaner for this purpose.

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