Post Partum Depression Which Occurs Before or After Pregnancy

Post Partum Depression Which Occurs Before or After Pregnancy

As the  word says the depression occurred after the baby is born. This happens to almost to 90% of the Ladies suffer. What is this post pregnancy depression? Many ladies suffer from this but they wont be knowing it.The hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy or after the childbirth. At the time of pregnancy, the levels of the hormones progesterone and oestrogen are higher than usual. The levels fall back to normal after delivery. This abrupt change may lead to depression.

1.This happens because of lack of sleep they have after pregnancy,

2.They may feel lonely as they have to take care of child,

3.During pregnancy people take care of them too much as the child comes to the world all care is given to the care and people suddenly stop caring them,

4.For 2 to 3 months the women has to sit inside the room for the whole day without going to the sun,

5.The food is restricted, 6.the pain they suffer after post pregnancy because of the stich, labour pain etc..

Because of all these some ladies cry almost every day and leads to depression and because of that many ladies commit suicide Don’t worry ladies I have a solution for all these problem

1. Please go to sun every day after the baby is born
2. Drink coconut water every day.
3. Eat lot of chocolates.( dark chocolate) if you like
4. Go for walking every day
5. Give lots of love to your child
6. Keep your self busy
7. Watch TV, comedy and romantic movies as much as possible
8. Laugh of loud
9. Eat your favourite food, but in limit
10. And finally don’t think too much about things which make you go into depression

Be happy? enjoy your life with your family and your cute bunny.  Your child is your world.  You are one who has to take care of your child.

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