My Journey From Infertility to Fertility - How I Fought and Won!

My Journey From Infertility to Fertility – How I Fought and Won!

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey and motherhood is a wonderful experience. But when you find it difficult to conceive and your doctor starts your infertility treatment, then it’s altogether a different story.

It’s a harsh reality and a painful journey. When your friends and cousins invite you to their baby showers and relatives and neighbors ask, “When are you announcing the good news?”, it’s heart-wrenching. Only a woman knows how it feels when she tries to smile and hides her tears.

It took me some time to cope up (both physically and mentally) with the fact and the treatment. I was very particular about my medications and injections, ovulation study, sonography, doctor’s appointment etc. I never ever missed anything. Then I waited with my fingers crossed and prayed that some magic would happen and I would be pregnant. But I got my periods; I was shattered and sad (sometimes, I sobbed). Then I gathered the courage and got dressed and visited my doctor.  My doctor and her staff were very supportive. My husband could understand my situation but he was helpless too. Each month his hopes were getting crushed. There was a time when my mother couldn’t take it anymore. She could not see me suffer so much to have a baby and so she tried to convince me that there are so many couples who are childless but happy. I did understand what she was trying to say and obviously she couldn’t see her child suffer. I tried hard to have my own baby. This became cyclic for me – for months and up until a year.

My patience was tested but I was determined and did sacrifice. In the end, I evolved as a patient and positive individual. I always believed that someday, something would surely work for me.
Finally, it all paid off –  ” I was blessed with a baby boy in 2017.” Now when I sit back and think, I feel it was all worth it. What I went through and what I sacrificed (including my job) seem nothing when I look at my baby. Being able to witness my baby’s growth is such a bliss.

If I had given up on this treatment out of frustration long ago, I would have never been able to see my son today. “Miracles happen, only if we do not give up on ourselves”.

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