What Your Kid Eats is What Your Kid Becomes

What Your Kid Eats is What Your Kid Becomes

Kids are so mischievous and always avoid taking food on time and avoiding especially nutritive food… Is that your complaint..?
Then let me tell u all gorgeous moms that it’s completely on us how to modify this..

1) Eat all kinds of tasty and non-tasty foods throughout pregnancy, that will cultivate a taste in ur baby.
2) Give coloured foods like carrot, capsicum, cucumber in their plate.. Colors always attract them.
3) Let them eat with their own hand.. Let it be messy.
4) Always eat with the family and cultivate the same habit in your child.
5) Prepare the dish in different ways with a pinch of their favourites veggies or spices and they will finish in the blink of an eye.
6) Feed them every 3 hrs in small proportions.
7) Ragi, oats, cereals, fruits and veggies are best for your kid.
8) Praise them and reward them as and when they eat new and less-tasty but nutritious dishes.
9) Use less sugar in milk and give sugary items with caution.
10) Brush their teeth or tell them to gargle after giving sweet sticky food, that will save ur kids teeth from cavities.
11) Avoid packet foods and prepare everything home for your little munchkin.
12) Give ur child cow’s milk after weaning them off breastmilk.

There’s so much you can do for your bundle of joy. And always remember that hunger is the main point here. When your baby is hungry, he will definitely eat whatever food you give him.. So always feed him on time.

Other than food,  play with them, run with them and keep them physically and mentally active the full day with adequate sleep and rest. Let them fall, let them stand again on their own. Don’t panic if they fall down while playing. And please don’t be overprotective. That will hamper their growth. Motivate them to take part in all games and competitions without instilling fear of failure in them or pressure of winning. Always stay positive and happy in front of them. Babies are God-gifted, nurture them like flowers.

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