Hello Mumma! Here is a Letter for You from Your Friend

Hello Mumma! Here is a Letter for You from Your Friend

Hope you’re doing good Mumma?
It’s been quite a long time since someone had asked you this question … Isn’t it?
Mumma, when was your last visit to the parlour?
Mumma, what was the recent movie that you saw?
Mumma, when did you last call your loved ones and talk for a while?
Mumma, when was your recent outing?
Mumma, when was your last perfect bath?
Mumma, when did you last colour your nails?
Mumma, when did you last have your favorite snack or food?
Mumma, when did you last meet your friends?
Mumma, when did you last play your favorite sport?
Mumma, are you getting enough sleep every day?
The list just goes on and never ends.

We all don’t have fixed work timings or a routine. Our work timings are 24/7 and this is going to continue further without a doubt. And if we religiously follow this shift, our answers to the above questions would be ‘No’. Then you are reaching a place in your life, and that place is the so-called ‘depression’. Many of us are travelling towards it without knowing the end results of it. Mumma, it’s time to take some action and give a gift to yourself, and that is ‘some time for yourself’.

How can you achieve ‘time for yourself’? Yes, indeed it would be an achievement if you do so.

1. Never feel guilty if laundry is piled up or if your house is filled with toys. It’s okay to remove the mess slowly.

2. Cook before your baby wakes up. The mornings are when you’d be filled with lots of energy. And in no time you can complete it.

3. Preplan and prepare for the next day. Write down each little thing you are going to do the next day and see if you could prepare something for the next day in advance.

4. If you have older kids at home, get them involved in small household tasks like folding the clothes, putting things back in its place. This way, they take up responsibilities.

Mumma, you are an inspiration to your kids. Your kids are learning from you. Your kids are following you. Your actions are making them visualize their future. Don’t you think it’s time to change? Yes, indeed it is. Spend some quality time with yourself. Be a proud Mumma.

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