Breastfeeding - The Joy and the Job

Breastfeeding – The Joy and the Job

At the same time, breastfeeding is one of the most satisfying and the most tiring jobs in the world. As a new mother, I faced challenges as well as experience immense joy doing that. When my baby was about 2 months old, he suddenly started breastfeeding less. I went to my mother’s home on that same day after almost a year. I was so excited to visit my family after such a long that I completely ignored my mild breast pain due to fullness and engorgement. After a few days, it converted into a breast abscess.  It was a very difficult and depressing time for me.

Nevertheless, gradually, the condition got better, and I resumed breastfeeding my child. The biggest supporters during this time were my two mothers. From my experience, I want to suggest all new mothers take care of themselves and regularly check their breasts. If you have excessive milk production, you need to pump it out. I hope no one has to face the pain and suffering I had to.

Also, breastfeeding your child is important as it has several benefits for both your baby and you. Breastmilk contains a compound called DHA, which is very beneficial for your baby’s brain development. It increases the child’s immunity, ensuring that they are less prone to infections or diseases. Breastmilk helps boost your child’s gut, making it strong, and they will have fewer allergic reactions. Their overall growth will be good and healthy. When breastfeeding, you have skin-to-skin contact with your baby, which gives the baby a sense of security strengthens their bond with you. It also stabilizes the baby’s heart rate and breathing.

Besides the baby, regular breastfeeding has significant benefits for the mother. It helps reduce the increased weight during pregnancy. Breastfeeding also relieves stress, giving you a sense of satisfaction and empowerment. After becoming a mother, you will notice a significant change in your nature and your respect towards your mother will increase thousands of times.

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