(Not so) Milky Mommy! - My Lactation Story, Struggles and Success

(Not so) Milky Mommy! – My Lactation Story, Struggles and Success

Hello Mommies,
Breastfeeding is no rosy or beautiful feeling, well it wasn’t for me at least. I have struggled a lot with lactation, even today at times (3-month baby). It hurts, yes I did know, but nobody told me the challenges I had to face and the intensity, not even my mother. It was normally painful and everything was fine until my girl needed some formula to get jaundice out. Yes, it was a successful effort but she would not take my milk at all later. There were at least 6 lactation nurses who pinched my nipples hard to get the milk out, just to lure my baby into drinking directly. We tried different positions, used cut syringes to suck the milk out when the pinching didn’t help, used breast pumps and what not. And we failed, each time the result was painful blood clotted nipples which with a blow of air would hurt. Yes, I did cry because of the excruciating pain and because I was a lactation failure. I knew how much my little one needed my milk for her growth. I didn’t want to express and feed her as I knew it was short term, soon I would start producing milk. Thankfully, with the nurses who would just not give up, my girl started to breastfeed again and well. When I told my lactation consultant regarding the breastfeeding, she was ecstatic and teary-eyed looking at my little one gaining 200 g every week. It wasn’t just because of my struggle that she was overwhelmed; it was also because I had an easier option of formula which I was adamant not to put my baby on.
Then, later on, I had a bad engorgement, caught a fever and at least for a month, I cried every time I breastfed my baby. Not an improper latch but my wound would just not heal.
So much pain and struggle but at the end when she is growing well, I beam with such pride and know it was all worth it. So, ladies, I’m sorry to say this but please don’t give up, no matter what. Even if your doctor says so, listen to your motherly heart and give your 100%. I have heard mothers say the baby just wouldn’t suck or latch. I feel you mommies but every time I would lose hope I used to remember what my doc told me. She said, ” Have you seen how new born calves run to their mothers, latch and feed?
Human babies are no less, it’s just that they can’t walk. I don’t believe in babies not wanting to suck or latch. Hold her as close to you as you can, feed her and I assure you, you will struggle unlatching her.”
For you and your baby’s health, please breastfeed, mommies. It is all worth it, every verified medicine you take to increase your milk is all worth it. Give your little one kangaroo mother care regularly and you will see the big difference. Hope I was of help.
Happy Breastfeeding! Happy Parenting!
Happy mothers, healthy babies!
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