Bleeding to Blessing - A Story of Faith, Hope and Happiness

Bleeding to Blessing – A Story of Faith, Hope and Happiness

It was Sep 28th, 2019 – the 21st week of my pregnancy. God knows what went wrong. Suddenly, while in the washroom, I saw a gush of blood. My amniotic fluid was always on the lower side, 8 cm. Basically, I was devastated inside. I was already on bed rest and working from home for a weeks time. Now, after this, I had lost it. I called my husband, and he knew I couldn’t be left alone. I don’t know how he drove that afternoon; he reached home in 15 minutes. I was still bleeding; I held him close and told him we are going to lose one more time. He was hopeful and said, “let’s first reach the hospital”.

While leaving, I opened the pooja room, and at the door, I uttered these words to myself “Tu hi jane kya likha hai tune.” (only you know what is written in my destiny), and some lines from Sairams prayer. I reached the hospital, and they asked me to check again. The bleeding had stopped. I was kept under observation for 3 days and was told it was retro placental bleeding with a clot of 3 cm. I was then discharged because I had no bleeding, but I was given medication. While leaving the hospital, my husband expressed a desire to take the baby back home the next time we come to the hospital.

A week later, my mom came to stay with us. She gave me something to drink every half hour. Yes, it increased my washroom visits, but 2 weeks later, my amniotic fluid was 14 cm, and the clot had also vanished. My amniotic fluid decreased again around 32 weeks, but the doctor said that was normal. The doctor told me to visit every week, and she was now a little more confident that my delivery would happen at least after 38 weeks. Things were turning out to be normal, but unfortunately, my uncle expired, and my mom had to leave. With a heavy heart, she left saying she will be back after the 13-day ritual.

My husband started working from home, and he did do what he could because he had to manage me and the office work together. I remember I used to lie down on the sofa and he would work keeping an eye out for me, and constantly instructing me to drink water, sleep, sleep on my left side, etc. After 36 weeks, we even jot down all the essentials that are required during an after the delivery.

The next day, my mother was about to start her journey; she had her train in the night. That very morning at 7 am, my water broke, and we left for the hospital. In a rush, we forgot my files at home. Still, the hospital admitted me, and I was under good care while my doctor informed my husband to rush home for the files. Luckily, we had a FirstCry store in the hospital, so he got all the baby essentials from there.

Before my husband reached, my pain had started. We waited for 12 long hours for a normal delivery as told by the doctors. But later, she advised we couldn’t wait any longer. My c-section started at 8 pm in the night. I was shivering and looking at the clock constantly. And then, I heard her first cry. She was brought to me after a while. I couldn’t move my body, and my little munchkin had already licked my left cheek. She was and is all healthy.

Today my girl is 6 months old. Every time I look at her, I think to myself that it was all worth it.

To all those to-be-mommies out there who are in pain, never ever lose hope. You will be fine. Your child will be fine. Just have faith and hold on! Your blessing is on the way.

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