Your Worth Is Not Measured in Ounces

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Dear tired and anxious breastfeeding mother,

The hardest thing as a breastfeeding mother is not about the supply, the baby latching, or nursing in public; it’s being kind to yourself during the process.

Being a mom is a joyful, stressful, and fulfilling job, especially to an exclusively breastfeeding mother.

So remember this – you are an awesome momma! Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

Your providing nutrition to a sweet baby and doing the best you can. It can be hard to remember on difficult days but you, momma, have got this!

Maybe breastfeeding is a real struggle; you have no idea what you give is enough for the baby, and there are days you are so exhausted, you think to yourself if it is worth it.

The most challenging thing a breastfeeding mother faces is not getting enough time to just run the daily errands! Thoughts about the supply being enough, what else she should do, and finding a spot to feed the baby when she is out shopping or on a dinner with family and friends are constantly running through her mind.

I still remember this one time my daughter was 4 months old, and we went on a dinner to a family friends house, and my daughter started crying for milk, and quickly a lot of people advised me to carry a bottle of water so I can give it to the baby when I was in public.
I felt so bad I was quiet for the rest of the evening. But then, it’s in these overwhelming and judging moments that I have to tell myself I am doing a great job.

My baby’s nutrition and comfort is my priority, and it takes a lot for a mother to do what she is doing!

So, whenever these negative thoughts come to you, please tell yourself you are a wonder woman; you created this tiny human!

There is always tomorrow for the chores.

One step at a time

Above all, be kind to yourself.

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