Let’s Turn Studies Into Magic During the Quarantine!

Let's Turn Studies Into Magic During the Quarantine!

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Are you mommies tired of asking your child to study?  Do you have to pull your kids to the dining or study table to make them sit for their work? Let us all take a pledge to focus on developing our kids’ interest in studying, rather than trying our level best to only complete the school syllabus. Here, I have a new approach for small kids who have just started going to a big school or who go to play school. This approach can make studying feel like a game, without the use of a mobile phone!

How to teach kids to write A to Z within a week?

Take a white board and a marker pen. Tell them they are going to learn magic!

Show them how to write P. Next, show them that from this letter P, they can make R (by just adding a small slanting line below P), as well as B.

Tell your kids that they have become magicians! Let them show this magic ‘trick’ to the rest of the family, and you can try dressing them up in a black hat and black coat to give the appearance of a magician.

Ask each family member to appreciate the child and be surprised by their magic!

Teach the remaining alphabets in the same way, but please don’t rush it. Let them learn to write up to three letters in a day.

In the same manner as given above, T can be made into I and J. L can be made into E and F.

Please share your experience with me in the comment section! Your comments are valuable to me. I can make every letter of the English alphabet interesting. My daughter is 3 years and 8 months old. She enjoys studying a lot. She takes her studies as a game or some sort of magic. I hope your kids are able to develop such an interest in their studies, too!

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