My Hectic Life During Lockdown

My Hectic Life During Lockdown

Our lives have become stressful since the time the uninvited guest ‘novel coronavirus’ came. My life has changed too since its arrival! Just before two days of lockdown, my mother-in-law arrived at our current home of Ahmedabad from our native home located in Rajkot. In Gujarat, the first positive case of Coronavirus was identified in Rajkot. Just two days after coming to Ahmedabad, suddenly my mother-in-law started suffering from a common cold and severe headache. As the first coronavirus positive case was noticed in Rajkot, we were worried about her situation, thinking that she might be infected with the same.

We took a decision, and for the sake of other family members, she went into isolation from that moment on. There was no maid, no food service (as we could not order food from the restaurant), I had to do all the household chores and handle my one-year-old hyperactive baby. My routine turned too hectic. Moreover, every morning started with a new tension regarding the news of COVID-19, as Ahmedabad remained had the most number of positive Coronavirus cases.

The next day my mother-in-law visited a doctor. The doctor advised not to take any tension and gave some medicines, but also suggested that we do a test for Coronavirus for our mental relief. His advice confused us. But we decided to continue with the idea of isolation. Meanwhile seeing me handling all the responsibilities alone, my husband helped me a lot after the completion of his office work, as he was doing work from home. There were days, when I even didn’t get time to comb my hair. I could hardly get time to see my face in the mirror.

During this hard time, I hurt my right foot and could not walk for a day. Luckily it was Saturday, and my husband had a holiday. During that weekend, I got a chance to take some rest. But the major problem was how to balance between the sick, isolated mother-in-law and the healthy family members. I had to take care of her every basic need. I could not give enough time to my little one too.

Days passed and exactly after fifteen days, she was totally fine, and we all breathed a sigh of relief. Now everyone is safe in my home. Seriously, we all felt that we fought against Coronavirus. And we prayed to God to save all human beings from this uninvited guest Coronavirus as soon as possible.

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