A Woman is Not Just a Mother - There's More to Her

A Woman is Not Just a Mother – There’s More to Her

Becoming a mother for the first time seems quite difficult. When we become mothers for the first time, we realise that we have a responsibility – a responsibility to take care of someone who carries our hearts and emotions and is depended on us completely.

In spite of knowing all the facts and understanding the hardships, the thought of becoming a mother is delightful. We dream of a new life. No doubt we have to make a lot of sacrifices, but they all feel worth in the end. There are mothers who left their social circles, jobs and ambitions, just to take care of their little ones, because they don’t want to miss out on any moment with their little ones.

For many women who live in nuclear families, it’s difficult for them to take care of their kids and manage the responsibility of their house, and take care of their spouses. But they do it, with total love and care. Then there are women who live in typical joint families, where they cannot take their own decisions for their offsprings because the decision-making lies in the hands of seniors. But they learn to accept it and they raise their kids without any hard feelings for anyone in the family. They keep their elders happy – and deserve to be applauded!

A lady is a woman but our society defines a lady with a class and a woman as a contemporary one. We treat women according to their work not with their gender specifications and this is true in more ways because women are doing much more than anyone. Hence they must be respected!

Women are special beyond this universe and as far as I am concerned I have a definition of women –
Women are writers of an openminded and motivational novel!

So we are writing the novel on this universe with great motivation because we women want everyone to be strong and face all the obstacles.

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