The Heavenly Mother-Child Bond Surpasses All Others

The Heavenly Mother-Child Bond Surpasses All Others

After delivery, a woman goes through a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. I also went through a series of ups and downs in my relationships. I used to cry a lot, and my mother used to say to me, your child will understand everything you feel and think. But I hardly accepted it, thinking that my child is too small to understand anything.

But, mother is always right! Once, I was very sick, and couldn’t sit, due to my back and head ache. My child used to sleep the whole day, and wake up at night. She was only a few days old. That day, I whispered in her ears before going to sleep, please, my baby, don’t wake at night, your mumma is very sick, and cannot not sit for long. Please, my love.
Surprisingly, she slept that whole night, and woke only once, that too only for a feed. The next morning, I woke with a smile on my face. I couldn’t even think of such a thing happening, which I just did casually.

Similarly, just one month after my C-section, my mother in law started ordering me to do household chores. I was unwell, but that did not matter. One day, it so happened that there was a lot of work in the kitchen, as there were many dishes to prepare, and I had to make all of them. I could not stand for long, and my back was paining heavily. As soon as I went into the kitchen, my child started crying, and no one could make her sleep. It happened three to four times. I realised that my child has also realised that her mom is unwell and could not stand for long, so she helped me from that work.

This made me believe that the bond of a mother and child is out of this world, and no single word can describe it. The bond is made in heaven with unconditional love, trust, and care. And from that day onwards, my child made me believe that she understands most of the things I go through and that I feel. Whenever I was in pain or in trouble, she helped me, even in her smallest of age. I also realised why this relationship is considered to be supreme and priceless. She is everything to me, and I am everything to her. We both need no one else in our lives. We are happy with each other. I wish every child and mother hold the same bond, that I and my child share.

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