Good Things About Having a Baby

5 Funny But Super Cool Perks of Having a Baby!

Motherhood is the greatest blessing and babies are the most precious gifts, right? Of course! Babies give new meaning to your life and make it worthwhile. Each day you discover the good things about having a baby and marvel at the turn your life has taken.

Do you have a baby or are you planning to have one? In between all the diaper-changing, feeding and cleaning, babies can fill your days with laughter and give you a new perspective about life. Moms everywhere, cherish your roles as mothers and celebrate your children by counting the perks of having a baby.

5 Of The Very Best Things About Having a Baby

1. They Make Relationships Stronger

Babies make personal and familial relationships stronger. They bring two families together and make communication between a husband and a wife more meaningful. Your social circle increases thanks to your baby- when you go out with your little angel, you always meet people who stop to pay her compliments and ask you about your little one.

2. You Start to Explore New Things

You begin thinking from a completely different angle when you become a mother. You buy new dresses for your baby and taste new things just to make sure that your child gets the best food. You help give her an identity by buying and creating clothes and accessories that reflect her personality, and memorise the parks and stores she enjoys visiting.

3. Babies Give Your Dreams New Colour

Often, we try to find our lost childhoods in our kids and hope to realise our incomplete desires through our babies. Say you wanted to be an artist, but circumstances pushed you to become a teacher. You gently coax your child to pick up a brush or a pencil and paint or draw. Whether he or she grows up to love art or not, they’ll at least appreciate it!

4. Babies Are Your Pride

Someone comments on your baby’s sweet voice while another raves about her eyes. Being a mother, you can’t help but feel great pride and joy! They only increase when your angel starts learning new things like walking or how to count to three or how to identify colours. Babies can make you realise that it’s the little things in life that count.

5. Babies Make You Strong

A baby gives you strength as you start realising that you’re not alone. You feel confident and secure in your abilities as a mom. With someone new in your life to complete your existence, you learn to stay strong to make sure that tiny person is protected and well cared for. It’s no more just about you, but about another little life you’re responsible for.

Babies are blessings. Their cries and laughter make your life brighter. With motherhood, you realise that you have someone to pass on family traditions and values. Your life gets a new direction and you know that you have to mould and shape your child so that he or she can have a golden future. All the best!

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