Mom: Everything Is In This Three Letter Word!

Mom: Everything Is In This Three Letter Word!

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Mom… So many things come along with this three letter word! Love, care, attachment for your baby, responsibilities for your baby, and how perfect you want to be in your role as a mother.

My daughter was born after 6 years of my marriage. We were very happy – especially my husband, because he has always wanted a daughter! So, from that day, it was like sitting on a pressure cooker all the time – I have to be the best mother, the BEST MOM who never makes mistakes or wrong decisions for her baby. There was also the family pressure, that you have to be the best, you can’t be wrong, you have to leave yourself, your lifestyle and your habits. They were always on me about things they thought I wasn’t doing right, and kept making suggestions to do it this way, or that way, etc.

But as the time went by, I started thinking that it is OK to be wrong sometimes. Nobody wants to do anything wrong by their child, but somehow, sometimes, it happens. Sometimes, you are afraid to do a few things, which is normal. Yes, I can’t sleep during the nights. Yes, I’m a crazy, stressful mother, but I never shared those thoughts with my daughter. I deal with them alone. I don’t want to pass my stress to her.

One day, I realized that I am just a normal mother who can be wrong sometimes, but never stops loving her child. I love my child. I still get stressed when she does something, and sometimes when she doesn’t. I can’t sleep some nights, but I wake up with new hope, and sometimes with new thoughts on how to deal with my daughter! We can be really confused, right, mothers? We still deal with such feelings daily!

So, if you are a confused, crazy, and loving mommy, do give my blog a read, and share your comments. Love to all you mommies!

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