The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children With ADHD and Obesity

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” and “Health is wealth”, are a few proverbs taught to children at school. These proverbs often go in through one ear and out through the other, in most children.  Not only children, but many times, even parents do not give importance to playing outdoors.  We hardly see children playing outside, right?  Gone are the days when children would come back from school,  grab a quick snack at home, and then rush outside to play.  Children born between 1986-2000 loved to play outside.  Whereas, children born in the recent decade love to play video games at home and watch TV.  Why do you think outdoor play is a must for your child?  Well,  I am here to point out the benefits of outdoor playing.

Outdoor play strengthens the child not only physically, but also by making the brain more active, resulting in good academic performance.  It boosts memory power and makes the child feel fresh. The child also learn social skills (how to share things/toys) and can easily make new friends.  Most importantly, it improves the stamina as well.  Outdoor play is also a major aspect in boosting gross motor skills,  cognitive skills, logical thinking and so on. Hence, parents can save a lot of money by letting their children play outside, rather than sending them for various classes, which is unnecessary.  Sweat is beneficial because it eliminates toxins from the body. One tip is to ensure your child stays hydrated. Discipline will automatically fall in place, once the child plays outside, by inhaling fresh air. Getting into this routine also makes sure the child is tired after playing and eats and sleeps early. Many parents take their children to a child psychiatrist because their young one is hyperactive and has ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder).The answer is the child has too much energy in the body.  Hence, if you let your child play outside, all the energy will be used in a constructive manner.

So,  let’s encourage outdoor play to prevent obesity and promote good mental and physical health, in order for kids nowadays to become the healthiest version of themselves, when they grow up.

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