Co-Parenting: The Equal Responsibility of Both Parents to Look After Their Child

Co-Parenting: The Equal Responsibility of Both Parents to Look After Their Child

Co-parenting is the duty of both parents to look after their child. Just because a mother has given birth, it doesn’t signify only a mother’s responsibility towards her child. A father is equally responsible for every minute detail of the child. In this way, both the parents can bond with their child and get to know about their baby’s likes and dislikes equally.

Examples of how to co-parent for the father:

  • Changing diapers
  • Feeding the baby
  • Bathing and cleaning up the baby
  • Being present at the doctor’s visits
  • Shopping for the baby
  • Playing with the baby
  • Helping the mother prepare food for the baby
  • Putting the baby to sleep
  • Checking on the baby at night
  • Giving the baby medicines

Co-parenting is helpful for the mother as delivering a baby (through vaginal birth or C-section) is not easy at all. She needs proper rest and nutrition. Like most fathers’ lives don’t change after having a baby, a mother’s life should not change either. If both the parents take care of the baby equally, then the process of raising a baby becomes easy.

Fathers who co-parent become an inspiration for fathers who don’t. Raising a child is a very big responsibility, so it should be shared. There are many parents who have delivered more than one child, so the responsibility increases. It becomes very strenuous for the mother to look after the babies alone. There are many mothers who don’t get help from their family members in raising their children. There are many who cannot afford domestic help/ nanny for the babies. So, a father’s role is very important in this process. A mother tends to feel relieved after the father has stepped in, as she knows that no one will take care of the baby as well as the baby’s father.

There are many women who want to continue with their job/business after delivery. If the father starts co-parenting, the mother can fulfil her dreams even after having a baby.

A salute to all the mothers for delivering a baby (or babies), and to the fathers for co-parenting!

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