Motherhood - a Great and Beautiful Journey in Every Woman's Life

Motherhood – a Great and Beautiful Journey in Every Woman’s Life

We all talk about being pregnant, but not all of us actually know what is in store for us to experience. I strongly feel being pregnant and being a mother are two beautiful experiences that every woman cherishes throughout her life.

Every woman is blessed irrespective of having a child or not! She remarked abruptly that you wouldn’t comprehend how it feels when a baby is unwell. That sentence made me feel horrible, and I’ll never forget it! A woman should never be criticised solely because she has or doesn’t have a child! Regardless of her condition or situation, she is worthy of all respect. One may never know about her problems or obstacles, but she has the potential to be a wonderful mother in the future!

I had no complications but delivered a baby after almost five years, and we don’t regret it. In fact, many of them these days don’t plan, and we had nothing in mind too. Society has set the taboo of having a kid within two years post marriage. I firmly believe that everything in life has a specific time.

My first post is for all those trying to conceive or plan a new phase!

1. Please try to regulate your everyday schedule. 
2. Sleep on time.
3. Eat as much healthy as possible. 
4. If you get irregular periods, try to talk with a gynaecologist around.
5. Regulate the hormonal issues. 
6. Keep a check on your ovulation phase.
7. Be happy, meditate, exercise or do yoga.
8. Use affirmations every single day.
9. Write positive affirmations on sticky notes and paste them into the places where you will see them every single day—for example, mirrors, above kitchen cabinets, near TV screens, refrigerators, etc. 
10. Last but not least, don’t be negative. This affects the mother most! 

Let’s respect every women’s decision to grow in her personal or professional life! Let her be her leader.

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