How to Make Your Child Fast Learner to Walk With Advance World!

Hello, all beautiful parents who are reading my article.

Let’s talk on how to make your child a fast learner, as many parents have concerns that my child lacks in speech, walking, is not eating proper food, is headstrong etc. I am also a mother of a two and half-year-old boy. I want to share my experience with you all that you can make your child a fast learner with an effortless way, and you don’t need to go anywhere for that.

In today’s world, we extraordinarily treat our child from the day they are born rather than to treat them in a NORMAL WAY. For example, we make them wear nappy since the first day than to wear cotton Langot and child get habituated with nappy and doesn’t get the sensation of wetting and this makes him into a late potty trained baby. I would suggest taking your child into washroom once they started sitting on his own and give habit of doing potty in the toilet only. I am not against of nappy, but you have to be firm regarding the use of it.

For speech part, I must say that mother should start talking with the baby the day the child is born, and maybe after one month, everyone at home should have a conversation with the baby for everything with one language. This would help the baby to understand not only the speech but daily routine things that help your child to achieve milestones on time.

Make a routine schedule for the child, make him sleep early as it helps in brain development. Let’s not stick to weaning pattern. Once your baby starts weaning after six months of age, let your child explore all healthy options that help him to set in the world of food. Do your lunch and dinner together with your child once you start weaning. It will help to understand how to eat, what to feed etc.

For the socialising part, we have nuclear family nowadays, and most parents have the same query that my child is not mixing well with others, not sharing anything etc. Let’s begin with family members only. Explain the concept of sharing, greeting, helping, by practising among family members. Arrange more get-togethers with your friends and relatives, take your child with you in every function that will improve the child.

Let your child explore all the small things of daily routine and include your child in every activity during the day. Don’t worry about the mess. All things help your child to be FAST LEARNER.

Thank you for reading!

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