Are You a Superwoman? Does Everyone Take You for Granted?

Are You a Superwoman? Does Everyone Takes You for Granted?

Girls are raised to be independent when they are young. Atleast in my generation I have seen my women flourish and take a stand in whatever they like and accomplish them. But in giving these special wings to them, some other things have to be sacrificed. It is just the rule of nature, to get something to need to sacrifice something.

A career seeking women may have to neglect her family sometimes meanwhile the other way is also true, a homemaker may have to sacrifice her career for the sake of her family! In rare cases both can be accomplished in a win-win situation but I said before those cases are very rare. For that she needs to have a strong support system, but then she has been brought up independently how does she depend on people now?

Trusting people is another issue, in today’s world where physical communication amongst neighbours or relatives itself is very difficult! Let alone building new relations and building trust with them. This all has to go with the mindset not just of her but people surrounding her as well. 

After getting married these girls, go to another home to start a family of their own, little are they taught about the real world they are entering into.These girls who have read fairy tales expect their prince to come and sweep her off her feet and carry her to their castle! In reality there is no happily ever after. The cycle of sadness and happiness rotates itself to show their true meanings.

Amongst this if a woman appears to be a superwoman who can tolerate all these and still emerge as a winner, yet there would be some kind of nagging which will eventually pull her down to her roots again. We need to fight this and re emerge and ascertain our worth and sometimes prove to people who we are even though it is unnecessary.

As a working mother myself, I would like all mothers to pledge themselves that they would never forget their own individuality even though they work to build their own family and life. Remember your wishes and make it known to people around you! You never know how some some people may come forward and support you against their own will or your own expectations.

Take a stand for yourself woman, as you are the pillar of the family, if the pillar is strong so is your family!!

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