How I Brought My Baby Home During the Chennai Floods

How I Brought My Baby Home During the Chennai Floods

My elder son was 2 1/2 years old when I was pregnant with my second child. I was in Chennai for my delivery. It was the 28th of Nov, 2015. It was a dull and cloudy day, and I had become restless during the night.

I had fever chills and my mom applied balm to my forehead and covered me with heavy blankets.
A few minutes later, mild pain started. I urged my parents to take me to the hospital since I felt that it was labour. My parents, my first child and I got into the car. It was raining heavily outside. My mom informed my husband and in-laws who were in Dubai at that time.

We reached the hospital by early morning. I was taken to the labour room. The doctor was waiting for dilation. To my aunt, I would ask about my son and my parents. She would tell me that they are waiting outside. After an hour or so, I felt so stressed and requested her to call my mom inside.

A few minutes later, my mom stepped in and her eyes were red with tears. I consoled her and asked about my son. She told me that he was with my dad and that they were taking good care of him. From 3.30 am and to 1.30 pm the next day, I underwent labour. I was feeling a bit restless.

It was around 2.40 pm. Severe labour pain had started. Around 2.45 pm I gave birth to my younger son. A few minutes later, my dad stepped in asking about the baby and my condition. I pleaded to see my elder son. Then, he revealed that my son had a high fever and fits. He was taken to the emergency childcare hospital. The doctors suspected that they were febrile convulsions.

However, with expert care and treatment, my son’s temperature came down in an hour. When the nurse asked me if she could bring me the little one, I told her to wait since my heart was wandering to see my son who was not well.

With a big list of procedures and lab tests, my son was discharged that evening. My mom came to see me in the hospital along with my son. You can’t imagine my mental condition at that time. I grabbed and hugged my son, had no words to explain that situation, just the tears.

My son said, “Amma all ok now, fever jus flied and will go home.” We told him that we would be taking our baby along as well. Only God knows how we came home as the roads were flooded and our car was sailing on the water. With the water level covering the bonnet of our car and hoping for a grip to hold for our lives, it is was a dangerous situation.

I was watching the floods in Kerala and the Indian Army rescuing a pregnant woman from a remote area. At that time I thought I should share my experience during the floods in Chennai. I hope nobody has to go through this. 

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