Take Care of Your Baby With Grandma Tips and Old Tales

Take Care of Your Baby With Grandma Tips and Old Tales

Another approach to deal with newborn and toddler nails is to put them in a basin of salt and make them touch one fingernail at a time. In two days, all of your fingernails will be cut. It’s Grandma’s therapy. In other words, because baby skin is delicate, we don’t need a scissor or a nail cutter.

Make sure that newborns and toddlers wear a soft fabric dress as their uppermost dress because when they put their hands in their mouth, the fungus and thread from the clothing or cloth can go inside their chest and cause congestion.

In the winter, heaters should only be turned on a few times a day, not all of the time, since the infant may develop a cough in the chest, requiring hospitalisation and causing a significant problem. If you feel compelled to turn on the heater due to the cold, keep a bowl of water in the room to prevent any complications for the infant.

A few other Grandmother’s tips and tricks are as follows:

  • Place the heater away from the baby, as it may burn the baby’s hair or other body parts.

  • For at least three months, avoid using a tongue cleanser on the newborn and instead clean the tongue with a clean cotton cloth.

  • To keep the baby’s lips pink longer, try wiping them with red cotton or normal cloth.

  • After the infant drinks milk, make sure the baby burps each time to avoid milk reflex when milk flows out of the baby’s mouth or nose.

  • Massage your baby’s private part with oil or powder before putting it on the diaper to prevent the skin from becoming rough, red, and inflamed.

  • According to old wives’ stories, breastfeeding should be avoided while lying down as the milk may run into the baby’s ear.

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